Our Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) policy helps you to protect your client’s monthly mortgage payment from accident, sickness & unemployment.


The product is fully flexible and cover starts at just £2.04 per hundred pound of benefit.

Why choose Uinsure MPPI for your clients?


Full suite of Accident and Sickness or Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover available.


Can be sold to customers with a new or existing mortgage.


Cover of up to £2,000 per month available for 12 months.


3 month payment holiday available.


Protection in case your client has to give up work to become a full time carer.


A confidential and independent advice service providing help and guidance on achieving a speedy return to work.


With a typical Job Seekers Allowance payment being £71 per week and Statutory Sick Pay set at just £85.85 and only payable for up to 28 weeks, it is clear that a lot of clients would struggle to cope financially should the unthinkable happen.

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) is designed to cover the cost of your client’s mortgage payments in the event that an accident, sickness or unemployment stops your client from working.

With Uinsure, a typical client with a £500 mortgage covered on a 30 day back to day 1 basis, this invaluable cover would cost just £23.60 per month, the equivalent to just 77p per day.

Our product is fully flexible. You can choose the cover required (ASU or AS only), the waiting and excess period for claiming, the monthly benefit required, and exactly how this is split if there are two applicants.

Quotations can be produced and put on risk instantly via our quick and easy online system.

Product Highlights

MPPI Policy Highlights

  • Full Accident, Sickness & Unemployment suite available
  • Can be sold alongside a mortgage or as a stand-alone sale
  • Monthly benefit available up to £2,000 (max 75% of gross income)
  • 3 month payment holiday available
  • Choice of waiting periods
  • Optional back to day one cover
  • Annual contract of Insurance
  • No age banding
  • Back to Work Support


To qualify for cover your client can take out Uinsure MPPI so long as when the policy starts they are:

  • A mortgage holder over 18 and under 65 years of age
  • Permanently resident in the United Kingdom
  • Working a minimum 16 hours per week within the UK, and have been so continuously for the previous 6 months
  • Not absent from work due to illness or injury (other than minor illnesses such as a cold or flu)
  • Not aware of any job losses that are likely to affect them
  • Not aware that they will have to give up work to become a carer


Like all policies of this type there are some things that this insurance does not cover. Your client will not be able to claim for:

  • Any medical condition which your client knew about in the 12 months before their cover starts unless they then go for 12 months without symptoms and without seeing their doctor about it.
  • Mental/nervous and back disorders without certain medical evidence (for example a psychiatric specialist report / MRI scan or x-ray).
  • Self inflicted injury, alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Any unemployment which your client knew about at the start of cover or which is notified to your client during the initial exclusion period immediately following the start of cover. This includes giving up work to become a full-time carer. If your client is taking out a new mortgage the initial exclusion period is 90 days. If your client already has a mortgage it is 120 days.

All of the policy exclusions are explained fully in Sections 2 and 3 of the Policy Booklet and there are special conditions regarding unemployment cover for fixed term contract workers explained in Section 2.

Please also note:

  • Your client must be off for work for at least 30 days in a row in order to be entitled to any benefit.
  • Any benefit your client receives may affect your client’s right to certain State benefits.
  • While your client is claiming, the premium instalments must continue to be paid until the renewal date.

Payment Holiday

We understand that money can sometimes be tight, especially if your clients have just moved home. If you choose our payment holiday option, for a slight increase in monthly premium, we will not collect a premium from your client for the first three months that your clients plan is in force.

Joint Borrowers

The MPPI can be set up so that it covers both of your clients, usually by allocating a proportion of the MPPI to each person (eg 50%/50% or 60%/40%). If one person needs to claim, then the amount of the benefit payment will be the proportion of the MPPI allocated to that person.

Please note, that the maximum that any one client can claim on this policy is 75% of their gross monthly income.

In addition, should your client have a joint mortgage but only one client wishes to be covered, this is only possible if the person wishing to be covered is the main household income earner. Clients with a joint mortgage are not eligible for an individual policy each.

Waiting Periods Explained

The waiting period is how long your client has to wait once they have put in a claim before the policy benefit starts to be paid out.  With Uinsure, your client can choose either a 30 or a 60 day waiting period, and also whether a policy excess (by removing back to day one cover) applies.

Example of how a claim is paid for a 30 Day Back to Day 1 Cover policy:

30 Day Back to Day 1 Cover

Policy Documents and Marketing Material

Client Contact Details

Should your client need to speak to customer services to check or amend their policy, they can do so by calling 0344 412 4095.

Should your client need to make a claim on their policy, they can do so by calling our dedicated Mortgage Payment Protection claims team on 0344 412 4094.